So, joke paid off here. An incredibly expensive cab right that is about a block away. And the final panel is the Great Hall. This was rather easy to draw as a straight on view of the entrance. The Great Hall had to be iconic feature of Centrek West. I drew this but never really thought it out. And now that the Spectre have arrived to meet with Keplar, they will make their way inside and up to his office.

Now, if I ever brought back the great hall, I needed to have some more dramatic shots of it. So I created a 3D model using Google Sketchup, and used that to create the image below. It was quite interesting to work out the logistics of a 3D model. My training in Architecture helped me with that. Now I have a model to rotate and play with any time I draw the Great Hall. I’ve done this with some of the other vehicles such as the Zebulon and some other items we have yet to see. The image below if from page 1 of Spectre Issue 5, which you can view here

The Great Hall