Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! And Black Friday/Cyber Monday. This next segment reveals the dilema that the Spectre are in and the mission that they are about to embark on. Aireed, again, is the council member who in charge of the Spectre team in the Ramean Sector. A neighboring area of space next to Spark’s Kwari Sector. Aireed is to liason to Astlin and his 3 Tibari crew which we don’t get to meet for a few chapters. A lot of their existance and whereabouts are part of this tale, so I won’t spoil it here. However, Aireed is divulging what he knows about the disappearance of Astlin’s Team. Now, once again, we’re breaking away from the main mission of the Spectre to go on another type of quest. And Spark is pointing that out. But as we find out, the reason for this is because of Storbo’s background.

In other news, I’ve written another page of issue 8 and sketched another page in issue 6. And before this evening is over I hope to have a few more. I’ve got to start getting back into the flow of drawing these comics on a more consistent basis. With the Holiday’s fast approaching, and time off from work looming, I should have a lot more time to spend creating Spectre Comics.

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