Wow, two weeks in a row…look at me. It’s been many moons since I posted two weeks in a row. Pats on the back are always welcome and accepted. So, continuing on from last week, Zea, the traveling Viradian, is offering some Doba Cluster advice to our Spectre team. Here I’m hinting at a connection between the lost Spectre team that Spark’s crew is searching for and other groups that seem to have disappeared in the same area. I’m hoping I made that pretty clear.

In the last week, I’ve been focusing on my social media presence. I’ve only at the end of the week, started to get into some Spectre issue 6 drawing. I need to make some headway on this next chapter of the story. Gotta try to put a little time in each day. We’ll see how committed I am.


In my attempt to earn a wider audience here and on social media (follow on Instagram, link above and below…oh yeah!), here’s my latest cheap laugh for attention:.

over the cliff on Mars