After all the gymnastics of getting these Tibari to the surface of their homeworld, we’re almost there. They’ve just passed through the Shield Barrier. The barrier was built to protect the planet from future attack from unknown invaders. Fifteen bands surround the planet, and they work together to generate a forcefield which is strong enough to protect from an alien invasion.

Now that Spark, Storbo and Reesa are returning home, they are talking about how nice it is to be doing so. I always wanted to visit the Tibari Homeworld and show the reader where the Spectre come from. As time goes on, we may spend more time on Zantibar. I may even write/draw a small story that takes place completely on the homeworld. That would be fun.

Not much happening in Spectre world lately. I’ve sketched a few more pages of issue 6. I’ve started trying to get back into finishing the writing of issues 8 and 9. I’m also trying to consolidate some of this story because I feel like I’m writing a lot of fluff into the story which is making the book artificially long. That’s how writing goes I guess. That’s why we have editors.