We regroup with our heros as they enter the Doba Cluster, a small region of space with many stars and planets. We’re flying into the Northeast quadrant of the Ramean Sector now. This is where we begin the quest to find Astlin and his crew. As this is the first page of chapter 2 of Chasing Shadows, we opening with a wide shot. You know, setting the scene. We’re traveling in hyperspace with stars wizzing by. Yes, I’m captain obvious.

There’s not really much to say here. But I will tell a quick story of my attempt to get an agent to represent Spectre Comics and try to get this book published for reals. I thought that if I colored the pages instead of my standard black and white work, it might be more eye catching to a potential agent. So the next couple of pages, I attempted to color. It took me weeks because coloring is so time consuming. And I’m very particular about how my pages look. I’ll post the color pages below the black and white version in the next few pages so you can see the difference. I colored 4 pages and they looked pretty good. However, they did not appear to catch they eye of an agent. As I get a little further into this story, I may try again with the agent.