So Storbo takes over. He engages the barkeep to attempt to gain information regarding the disappearance of ships in the Ramean Sector. The hope is that the bartender may have overheard some interesting conversations from travelers to Midway Station. And Storbo decides to take the aggressive approach which is not always the best course of action. Spark and Reesa just look on as Storbo does his thing.

On the book front, I’ve started inking page 2 of issue 6. Inking has slowed down because I am drawing a bunch of things I designed just recently in for this issue. Just like last week, I hadn’t fully decided what the Ori look like. And this week, I was trying to design the Ori Mining Facililty. This location will be a huge part of the next several issues, so I wanted to make something really cool and industrial looking. All of these things I wrote about and referenced in the beginning of the book now need to get designed and inserted into these upcoming pages.

I also started sketching issue 7. I have 2 pages sketched already. And this includes our introduction to Captain Gorgo, the leader of the Ori faction in the Alarie asteroids. Which you don’t know about yet, but it’s coming up.

And below, I am bringing you some very early, original Splo designs. Arcko’s Startul was designed shortly after I designed Arcko, probably back around 2007. I designed them independantly, but shortly after that, I wanted to put them together. Even before I ever thought of using Arcko as a character in this story. Splo was meant to be an amorphous blob that could easily alter shape when needed. But in standard form looked like a little octopus sort of thing. These drawings below was me trying to give him some expressions. I still use this image for reference when drawing him.