After Storbo goes and upsets the wrong people, the Bouncer is called to take out the trash. Storbo getting tossed out is the Cover to Issue 2 of Spectre Comics. Some of you older readers might get the Road House reference. When Storbo makes reference to "It worked last time." He’s referring to the story he told Storbo and Reesa in the Lounge of Zebulon on their way to Quorek.

So, it has been a long while since I’ve posted a new page. Sorry gang! I have been so busy and I just got in the habit of not doing it. I’ve also not been working on new Spectre issues. Issue 6 has stalled, issue 7 is ready for pencils and Issue 8 and 9 still need to be scripted. I’ve had no time. But, I have some time off coming up for the upcoming holidays and I intend to start working on the comics again.